Russian School in Basel (Switzerland)

Founded in 2001


Fundamental Teaching Principles:

Our teaching is based on scientific and neuropsychological studies of the Basel University as well as on methodological studies of the Basel Institute for Teaching and Teachers (Institut für Unterrichtsfragen und Lehrer).

Our School Speciality: Multilinguism

We take the special situation of multilingual children into account and teach according to a method specially developed for them. We are convinced that every child can be multilingual. Children growing up in a bilingual family will speak two languages. They will be able to learn three or even four languages if they are spoken within the family.

Basic Subjects taught in our School:

– Russian Language
– Russian Literature
– Art Design


Preschool Group: Preschool lessons are held at Kindergarten. We offer younger children an appropriate range of play activities such as educational games, walks, learning of the Russian alphabet, theatre and role playing.

School Director and Teacher for Russian Language and Literature:

Nadezhda Guridova

Moscow Educational Institute,
Two Years’ Education at Teachers’ Training College (Lehrer-seminar) Dornach, Switzerland,
Education as a College Teacher at the specialised High School of North Western Switzerland (Fachhochschule Nordwest-schweiz).